Why I Don’t Believe In Luck Or Karma

The other day I got a letter from Mental Floss asking for me to subscribe to their magazine. If you have never heard of them before, it is a magazine with random facts and information and is actually quite entertaining. I might take them up on their offer, but that’s besides the point. Inside was a little bookmark with some random facts including this one “Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.” I then wondered when the next one was, and noticed we had one this month. Even though today is Friday the 13th, it doesn’t make me uneasy or feel like something bad is going to happen. I have never been superstitious (ok maybe when I was very young and believed a watermelon would grow in my stomach if I swallowed a seed), but since then I have a different outlook on life.

I don’t believe that all things just happen by mistake or that some people are lucky while others aren’t. I believe that God puts us through various situations in our lives for specific purposes. We may not always understand or know why God brings us where he does, but we must just trust Him and continue on. That being said, I do believe in coincidence. Although many things happen for a reason, I feel that not every single moment in life has a distinct purpose to fulfill. For example, if you see someone you know at the store it doesn’t necessarily mean you ran into them for a reason, it could just be a coincidence. I think sometimes people take the “everything happens for a reason” quote and start over-analyzing every situation trying to find out why it is happening. But we shouldn’t spend so much time trying to decipher the reasoning for the action, just take what is given to you and deal with it accordingly. Spend your time to grow from each situation in life instead of wondering why it happened to you.

Okay, so I went off on a tangent a little bit, but I also wanted to mention Karma. So many people use this term all the time and it drives me crazy. Karma is something that is believed in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, but all believe slightly different things about it. If you do something bad, bad things will happen to you, and if you do something good, good things will happen to you. I’m sure you all understand that. But it also deals with reincarnation. If something bad happens to you now, it could be punishment for something in your previous life. So if you don’t believe in reincarnation, why do you believe in Karma? If you don’t follow religions that believe in Karma, it doesn’t make sense to just pick one element of a religion and believe it without following anything else.

It also seems that people tend to believe that if someone does something bad to them, they should be able to do something bad back to them because that’s Karma. But if you understand Karma, this doesn’t make sense at all. It doesn’t mean YOU should be the one to make something bad happen back to them, that is up to the Gods to deal with. So if you were to be vengeful, you would just be creating your own bad Karma.

But I don’t believe in Karma. And I don’t believe in luck. I believe in God (Christianity) and that we all sin and are forgiven. We should always treat others kindly no matter how they treat us, and allow God to deal with those who don’t. It is not up to us to punish people or make people pay for the wrong things they do in life, we must just be the best that we can be.

So if you have ever blamed something that happened to you or another on Karma, just make sure you understand exactly what that is first. Do your research and see if it is truly something you believe before you start claiming that you do.


About instillari

I look at life with a positive attitude and try to learn something new each day. I love so many things in life including but not limited to: -Spending quality time with family and friends -Animals (especially my poodle Teddy) -Swimming and relaxing outside -Watching my favorite shows and movies -Reading a good book or magazine -Writing and sharing my thoughts for discussion -Baking and trying new recipes -Inspiring and helping others. Plus so much more!

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  1. Great post. Came at just right the time as I was sitting in thought about how the universe is going to get me for ending a relationship.

  2. Well said – and well thought out. I agree.

  3. Yes, and we are always where we need to be. When we allow Love (aka Jesus and God) to lead our actions and our hearts there is no need for worry or superstition.. Our actions will speak volumes and people will notice. Great article. Thank you. (I appreciate your comment on my blog, ty). ♥ Dr. Angi

  4. Very interesting and thought-provoking article.

  5. “Spend your time to grow from each situation in life instead of wondering why it happened to you.”

    When people say that everything happens for a reason, I tell them this is that reason. Everything, each and every moment of our lives is a part of our God-given opportunity to become who He made us to be. Whether it feels significant or nor, whether or not we took His path to get there, He is not surprised by where we are, who we are, what we’ve done, or why we’ve done it. He is prepared for our mishaps, and He is able to grow us through them. I like to think that karma is simply the uninformed person’s name for reaping what we sow. Because whether or not we see the harvest in our expected timeframe, it happens exactly as we prepare for it. Or don’t.

    Nice thoughts, nice blog, keep on.

    • Definitely, I agree with your points. God knows what is going to happen before it does and we cannot just “be lucky” suddenly. Thanks so much for addings your thoughts.

  6. I agree- nothing is by chance, luck, or karma. I believe there is a reason for every single thing and that nothing is by happenstance. If something good or bad happens there is a reason for it, and a meaning behind it. The things good or bad make us stronger. That is life, good and bad.

    For example, to love is to also feel pain at some point. I would rather have loved and feel pain, than to never have loved at all.

    Best Regards,


  7. thoughtful! Why believe in something just because you heard it – when you can if its actually your believe by diving into a little research! nice

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