Summer Beauty VoxBox with Reviews

Influenster summer beauty VoxBox

I signed up for Influenster a couple months ago and sort of put it out of my mind until I got an e-mail letting me know I would get a VoxBox! For those who have never heard of Influenster (I only just recently heard about it from someone’s blog) let me fill you in. It is basically a website you sign-up for, answer simple questions about your likes and interests and you may be selected to receive a VoxBox. A VoxBox is a box of complimentary items sent to you in which you must test the products, review them, and spread the word. So here is what came in my Summer Beauty VoxBox and my thoughts on each item.

Influenster summer beauty VoxBox products

Here you can see all the products I received to review. Below is my evaluation of each one.

Quaker Oats Banana Nut Bread BarThis bar tasted pretty good, very sweet. I don’t normally buy these types of bars, but I would eat one again. It is sort of like a cookie mixed with a granola bar.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration LotionThis sunscreen lotion smells delicious and feels silky once applied. It is SPF 30 and says it has 12 hour moisture. I really like it.

magnetic nail polish I have actually been wanting to try this nail polish out, but never wanted to spend the money (since I have too many nail polishes already!). You paint one coat on all your nails and let dry. Then you paint a second coat real thick and hold the magnet (included on cap) over your nail for 10 seconds. It creates this cool ridgy pattern that almost looks 3D. Then continue to the next nail and so on until all are done. Of course you are supposed to use a base coat and top coat as well, but I didn’t and it looked fine. It dries fast and looks awesome. Here is a photo of it on my nails. I am not the best at painting nails and my nails are short, so just keep that in mind.

nail polish hand

It’s hard to capture the look in a picture, but it is really cool. The color of this polish is 903 Silver Elements.

I don’t usually use cuticle hand creme, but this one made my hands soft. It had a nice smell at first (sort of like oranges), but it bothered me a bit after awhile. I haven’t tried this lotion long-term, but it seems pretty good.

This box contained a little pouch (similar to a make-up case) with 2 tampons, 1 pad, 3 liners and a couple coupons inside. I haven’t been able to use them yet, but the pouch is cute! Tampax is a good brand, so I am sure they will work just fine. If you want to see a picture of what’s inside visit my Facebook Page.

I am so excited I was able to try this. If you want to know more about VoxBoxes and Influenster you can visit their website here. Please visit and like my Facebook Page to stay updated and see more pictures and information that doesn’t get posted on my blog.

If you want more information on the products shown here, you can read more about them here.

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  1. Looks like a great box. I have some of that Hawaiian Tropic lotion and I agree, it smells divine.
    Naomi x

  2. Oh cool, I think I will sign up…

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