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New Shows Worth Mentioning

I am always excited to get into a new show each year (or should I say, list of shows). Most of the TV networks have released their new series’ that will be coming out soon and I made a list of the ones I think could be entertaining. I have also included trailers for all the ones I could find.


1. Nashville

Although they picked a stupid name, I think it might be worth a watch.  I am not really into country music, but the cast of this show pulled me in. Connie Britton is the main actress who I first saw in the show American Horror Story, but has been in other shows including 24 and Friday Night Lights. I really liked her and was disappointed to hear that the cast for American Horror Story season 2 would be totally different. But I was happy to see her in a new show. The other well known face is Hayden Panettiere. She is a pretty decent actress and I’m interested to see how she takes on a country girl role.

2. 666 Park Avenue

This show seems very bizarre, but that is what makes it appealing. It is also created by the same people who did Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, so that is always a plus. I also noticed former Desperate Housewife, Vanessa Williams will be in the show, she seems to still be her glamorous self despite the difference in genre.

The rest of the videos can be seen here on I didn’t want to put every single one, but you should definitely watch them all to form your own opinions. I did have a few comments for the others. Red Widow and Zero Hour seem like they may have a good concept, but look like they may not be able to hold my interest. The worst one of them all is The Neighbors. I mean, what were they thinking? This show looks so cheesy, it is just begging to be cancelled!


1. Revolution

This seems like a really cool idea. I always like “end of the world” type of scenarios. It sort of reminded me of the show Flash Forward that got cancelled after only one season. They both dealt with some tragic event that happened that no one understood why except one (or a few) people.

The worst new show from NBC is probably Animal Practice. I love animals and all, and even used to work at a Vet, but a show about it may be a little much. Watch the rest of the trailers on


1. The Following

This show’s main star is Kevin Bacon who is a pretty well known actor. It also stars the actress Maggie Grace who played Kim in the movie Taken, which was an excellent movie by the way (and a sequel is coming out soon!). The Following is a drama about a serial killer escaping from jail and Kevin Bacon trying to track him down. It seems like it could get intense.

The worst show from FOX is the Goodwin Games. Is it trying to be a lame copycat of the Hunger Games with that name? Why would you want to watch a bunch of people play Trivial Pursuit? Seems way too boring for my taste. There is one trailer that wouldn’t play which was the show titled Ben and Kate. So I am not sure if that one will be good or not. Watch the rest of the FOX trailers here on


It seems that no trailers have been released for this network yet, but you can find a listing of their new shows on and It is really hard to comment on whether or not I will like any of these shows without watching a preview first. Something can sound good in writing, but if the acting is horrible and the script is poorly written, well then a good idea can quickly become a horrible show. Hopefully the videos will be released soon. Post a link if you have found one.


The CW has also released their new shows without trailers and you can see the list here I have never actually watched the show Sex in the City, but I am willing to give The Carrie Diaries a watch (unless the trailer changes my mind). There are not many details given about the Beauty and the Beast show, but that is my favorite Disney movie so I am expecting it to be something worth watching. They just better impress me with their new line-up because I am still mad at them for cancelling my show, Ringer!


A bunch of shows are in development and you can read about them all here on These are the ones that sound appealing to me:

1. The Last Ship: If a show has to do anything with the end of the world, I’m in.

2. Legends: It doesn’t give much detail, but it comes from Howard Gordon who is associated with the show Homeland. Seems mysterious which I like.

And the worst one of the bunch? American Troubadours. It is a reality show about finding the best bar bands and singer/song writers. Don’t we have enough reality musical shows already? The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Duets….do I need to go on? And it says one of the executive producers is McConaughey, do they mean Matthew McConaughey, because that would make it even more of a bad idea.

What shows are you looking forward to and which ones do you think will flop?

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