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These posts contain recaps, pictures and my thoughts on various TV shows. The following may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

Emily VanCamp: From Rags to Riches


Emily VanCamp is the main actress in the ABC soap-like show, Revenge, but she also played a first time teacher in the Hallmark movie: Beyond the Blackboard. I have enjoyed watching Emily in Revenge, so when I heard about this movie I put my DVR to record and gave it a watch. Her character, Stacey, is much more down to earth and vulnerable compared to her role in Revenge. The movie is based on a true story about a girl who is looking for her first job in a teacher position and gets a job for teaching homeless students. It starts off rough at first, but she ends up loving the kids and of course changes their lives. It is a typical Hallmark movie, with its sappy storyline and all, but I thought it was cute and liked how it was a real story. Below are screenshots from the movie.


If you enjoy inspirational movies and like Emily VanCamp, you should watch Beyond the Blackboard.

The Revenge season finale is this Wednesday, I can’t wait! Here are some photos of the cast that I love.

emily and jack revenge

I love them together!

Glamour Shoot

Glamour Shoot


Emily and the love interests

vanity fair revenge

Below is an interview with Emily VanCamp on the Ellen Show

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New Shows Worth Mentioning

I am always excited to get into a new show each year (or should I say, list of shows). Most of the TV networks have released their new series’ that will be coming out soon and I made a list of the ones I think could be entertaining. I have also included trailers for all the ones I could find.


1. Nashville

Although they picked a stupid name, I think it might be worth a watch.  I am not really into country music, but the cast of this show pulled me in. Connie Britton is the main actress who I first saw in the show American Horror Story, but has been in other shows including 24 and Friday Night Lights. I really liked her and was disappointed to hear that the cast for American Horror Story season 2 would be totally different. But I was happy to see her in a new show. The other well known face is Hayden Panettiere. She is a pretty decent actress and I’m interested to see how she takes on a country girl role.

2. 666 Park Avenue

This show seems very bizarre, but that is what makes it appealing. It is also created by the same people who did Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, so that is always a plus. I also noticed former Desperate Housewife, Vanessa Williams will be in the show, she seems to still be her glamorous self despite the difference in genre.

The rest of the videos can be seen here on I didn’t want to put every single one, but you should definitely watch them all to form your own opinions. I did have a few comments for the others. Red Widow and Zero Hour seem like they may have a good concept, but look like they may not be able to hold my interest. The worst one of them all is The Neighbors. I mean, what were they thinking? This show looks so cheesy, it is just begging to be cancelled!


1. Revolution

This seems like a really cool idea. I always like “end of the world” type of scenarios. It sort of reminded me of the show Flash Forward that got cancelled after only one season. They both dealt with some tragic event that happened that no one understood why except one (or a few) people.

The worst new show from NBC is probably Animal Practice. I love animals and all, and even used to work at a Vet, but a show about it may be a little much. Watch the rest of the trailers on


1. The Following

This show’s main star is Kevin Bacon who is a pretty well known actor. It also stars the actress Maggie Grace who played Kim in the movie Taken, which was an excellent movie by the way (and a sequel is coming out soon!). The Following is a drama about a serial killer escaping from jail and Kevin Bacon trying to track him down. It seems like it could get intense.

The worst show from FOX is the Goodwin Games. Is it trying to be a lame copycat of the Hunger Games with that name? Why would you want to watch a bunch of people play Trivial Pursuit? Seems way too boring for my taste. There is one trailer that wouldn’t play which was the show titled Ben and Kate. So I am not sure if that one will be good or not. Watch the rest of the FOX trailers here on


It seems that no trailers have been released for this network yet, but you can find a listing of their new shows on and It is really hard to comment on whether or not I will like any of these shows without watching a preview first. Something can sound good in writing, but if the acting is horrible and the script is poorly written, well then a good idea can quickly become a horrible show. Hopefully the videos will be released soon. Post a link if you have found one.


The CW has also released their new shows without trailers and you can see the list here I have never actually watched the show Sex in the City, but I am willing to give The Carrie Diaries a watch (unless the trailer changes my mind). There are not many details given about the Beauty and the Beast show, but that is my favorite Disney movie so I am expecting it to be something worth watching. They just better impress me with their new line-up because I am still mad at them for cancelling my show, Ringer!


A bunch of shows are in development and you can read about them all here on These are the ones that sound appealing to me:

1. The Last Ship: If a show has to do anything with the end of the world, I’m in.

2. Legends: It doesn’t give much detail, but it comes from Howard Gordon who is associated with the show Homeland. Seems mysterious which I like.

And the worst one of the bunch? American Troubadours. It is a reality show about finding the best bar bands and singer/song writers. Don’t we have enough reality musical shows already? The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Duets….do I need to go on? And it says one of the executive producers is McConaughey, do they mean Matthew McConaughey, because that would make it even more of a bad idea.

What shows are you looking forward to and which ones do you think will flop?

Smash Season 1 Finale

I finally got around to watching the season finale of Smash that aired on Monday night. I have enjoyed Smash from the very first episode, and the finale did not let me down. Here are some of my favorite parts of the episode.

1. Ellis Got Fired


Finally! I have hated his character from the very beginning and he just became worse as the season went on. Why would he even admit to “poisoning”  Rebecca Duvall? Even though I’m sure everyone suspected it (I mean c’mon, he is the one who made the smoothies and always has a trick up his sleeve). But I am glad he did admit it because now not only does Eileen know for sure how much of  snake he is, but he actually got fired. Of course he won’t be totally out of the picture, he will surely creep up again next season and do something even more annoying and evil.

2. Julia & Frank Have a Moment


Frank may have caught Julia talking to Michael, but he knows that nothing was going on. I like this scene because it makes the situation seem more real and that Frank is still hurt by what happened with Michael and Julia, but they are both willing to work things out. I love Debra Messing and her character as Julia. This moment also gives Julia inspiration for a new song and she says “something good is bigger than the bad”


3. Karen’s Amazing Voice


Katharine McPhee has a great voice and I loved watching her play Marilyn. Honestly I have always been rooting for Ivy to be Marilyn, even as catty as she is, but Karen really did an amazing job in the role. Ivy just has more of the Marilyn look, especially since Karen is so thin and lanky. As much as I wanted Ivy to play the part, Karen made an excellent performance.

4. The Karen and Ivy Battle


The whole episode kept going back and forth- Will it be Karen? Or will it be Ivy? I really liked that part of it because you were never certain who would end up with the role. Ivy made one last move to make Karen break down, which she did, but that still didn’t get Ivy the role. I pretty much figured Karen would end up playing Marilyn by the end, but I enjoyed the whole ride there.

And Some Side Notes

-Derek really is obsessed with Karen, huh? He says to Ivy, “I see her in my head, she has something that you don’t.” Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.


– At first when I saw Ivy had the ring I thought she was just going to keep it to be spiteful, but she uses it to play games with Karen as her last shot to steal the role. It was pretty evil, but the girl is determined for sure.

Overall, I thought the finale was great and can’t wait for season 2. What did you think?

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Once Upon A Time: Season 1 Finale


Tonight was the season finale of Once Upon A Time. I have really fallen in love with this show! There are so many characters yet all of them are so developed and each unique in their own way. I am so happy it has been renewed for a second season, I can’t wait! Here are some screenshots from tonight’s finale.

Henry under a spell from the poison “apple”

Changing from a “real boy” back into wooden Pinocchio

prince and snow
Snow White And Prince Charming reunited

What did you think of the finale? If you haven’t seen this show and like fairy tales, you should definitely check it out.

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Mistakes in TV shows and Movies

If you know me very well, you would know that I love to read magazines and subscribe to dozens ranging in all different subjects. One of my favorites is Entertainment Weekly and I came across an article in the May 4th issue titled Right and Wrong. It talks about “mistakes” made in movies and TV that drive people crazy.

One mistake that is mentioned that I never really thought about, was how the interior and exterior of the Brady Bunch house does not make sense. The outside shows a split-level home with a low second story on the left side, but on the inside it appears to be a soaring two story home with the stairs on the right side. I can’t believe I never noticed that before. The outside of the home was chosen because they wanted the audience to have a specific emotional response. They felt that house looked like a place an architect would live and wasn’t too affluent.

images from &

Sometimes TV shows and movies have elements that may not match up or seem a little unbelievable, but if they paint a nice picture or create a specific feeling, it doesn’t really matter if it makes complete sense or not. The article also brought up a question about the movie The Ring– Why would the mother (who threw her daughter down a well) be wearing a Victorian riding outfit when it was supposed to be the 1970s? That is something else I didn’t really notice, but it may have been this attire was chosen as it was a little scarier than traditional 1970’s clothing.

I couldn’t find a digital copy of the article, but there are more mistakes on Entertainment Weekly’s website if you want to see them here.

Are there any mistakes in TV shows or movies that have annoyed you or just didn’t make logical sense? I think it is always interesting to read about them since I usually don’t catch it.

Ringer Season 1 Finale

I love the new show Ringer on the CW. It is about  idential twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan (both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) who had a falling out. Bridget, a recovering drug addict and stripper from Wyoming, was the only witness to a murder and runs away to avoid testifying. Siobhan, a snob living a luxurious lifestyle in New York with her rich husband and step daughter, is having an affair with her best friends husband. Bridget goes to see Siobhan who vanishes while they are out on a boat. Bridget thinks that Siobhan killed herself and she takes over her identity and life. Many secrets become uncovered over the course of the first season with plenty of twists and turns.

Many of the shows I like seem to get cancelled, so I am really hoping that this one comes back for at least a second season. The CW in general doesn’t get very high ratings for any of their shows, I just hope enough people watched Ringer to get it renewed.

Here is a shot from the finale in which Bridget fantasizes about her wedding with Andrew. I think they make such a great couple and a nice family with Juliette.

Ringer Wedding

if you want to read more about Ringer visit

30 Rock: Episode 618

I don’t watch 30 Rock all the time, but I think it is a pretty funny show. I love Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and the relationship their characters have. Honestly though, I could do without Tracy Morgan haha, his voice annoys me. But anyway, here are a couple screen shots I took that I found to be funny.

30 rock screenshot

30 rock screenshot Tracey Morgan

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