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The Benefits of Cucumbers

I love to eat cucumbers and I was wondering what benefits they actually had. So, I did some research and compiled it all together so I could share it with everyone. I know that cucumbers may not be a favorite among most, but maybe this information will convince you to add cucumbers to your diet and serve as reinforcement to those who already enjoy them. You can check out my snack recipe for cucumbers here. And If you have a favorite cucumber recipe I’d love for you to share.

cucumber benefits

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Cucumbers Topped with Tuna, Dried Mango & Cranberries


This is a healthy snack idea or could even be eaten for lunch.

If you want to make it like a little sandwich, you could even put an extra cucumber slice on top.


Tuna fish (prepared how you like it, read below to see my preference)

1/2  Cucumber sliced (or however many slices you want to make)

Dried fruit of your choice


  • Prepare tuna the way you normally would.

-I put a little bit of mayo, relish, and onions in mine.

  • Cut the cucumber into slices, spread a little tuna on each slice and top with dried fruit

(my favorite is cranberries)

If you don’t like the skin you could peel it, but remember the skin has a lot of nutrients!

If you want to know the benefits of cucumber read my post here.

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