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Mistakes in TV shows and Movies

If you know me very well, you would know that I love to read magazines and subscribe to dozens ranging in all different subjects. One of my favorites is Entertainment Weekly and I came across an article in the May 4th issue titled Right and Wrong. It talks about “mistakes” made in movies and TV that drive people crazy.

One mistake that is mentioned that I never really thought about, was how the interior and exterior of the Brady Bunch house does not make sense. The outside shows a split-level home with a low second story on the left side, but on the inside it appears to be a soaring two story home with the stairs on the right side. I can’t believe I never noticed that before. The outside of the home was chosen because they wanted the audience to have a specific emotional response. They felt that house looked like a place an architect would live and wasn’t too affluent.

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Sometimes TV shows and movies have elements that may not match up or seem a little unbelievable, but if they paint a nice picture or create a specific feeling, it doesn’t really matter if it makes complete sense or not. The article also brought up a question about the movie The Ring– Why would the mother (who threw her daughter down a well) be wearing a Victorian riding outfit when it was supposed to be the 1970s? That is something else I didn’t really notice, but it may have been this attire was chosen as it was a little scarier than traditional 1970’s clothing.

I couldn’t find a digital copy of the article, but there are more mistakes on Entertainment Weekly’s website if you want to see them here.

Are there any mistakes in TV shows or movies that have annoyed you or just didn’t make logical sense? I think it is always interesting to read about them since I usually don’t catch it.

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