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Ringer Season 1 Finale

I love the new show Ringer on the CW. It is about  idential twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan (both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) who had a falling out. Bridget, a recovering drug addict and stripper from Wyoming, was the only witness to a murder and runs away to avoid testifying. Siobhan, a snob living a luxurious lifestyle in New York with her rich husband and step daughter, is having an affair with her best friends husband. Bridget goes to see Siobhan who vanishes while they are out on a boat. Bridget thinks that Siobhan killed herself and she takes over her identity and life. Many secrets become uncovered over the course of the first season with plenty of twists and turns.

Many of the shows I like seem to get cancelled, so I am really hoping that this one comes back for at least a second season. The CW in general doesn’t get very high ratings for any of their shows, I just hope enough people watched Ringer to get it renewed.

Here is a shot from the finale in which Bridget fantasizes about her wedding with Andrew. I think they make such a great couple and a nice family with Juliette.

Ringer Wedding

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