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Smash Season 1 Finale

I finally got around to watching the season finale of Smash that aired on Monday night. I have enjoyed Smash from the very first episode, and the finale did not let me down. Here are some of my favorite parts of the episode.

1. Ellis Got Fired


Finally! I have hated his character from the very beginning and he just became worse as the season went on. Why would he even admit to “poisoning”  Rebecca Duvall? Even though I’m sure everyone suspected it (I mean c’mon, he is the one who made the smoothies and always has a trick up his sleeve). But I am glad he did admit it because now not only does Eileen know for sure how much of  snake he is, but he actually got fired. Of course he won’t be totally out of the picture, he will surely creep up again next season and do something even more annoying and evil.

2. Julia & Frank Have a Moment


Frank may have caught Julia talking to Michael, but he knows that nothing was going on. I like this scene because it makes the situation seem more real and that Frank is still hurt by what happened with Michael and Julia, but they are both willing to work things out. I love Debra Messing and her character as Julia. This moment also gives Julia inspiration for a new song and she says “something good is bigger than the bad”


3. Karen’s Amazing Voice


Katharine McPhee has a great voice and I loved watching her play Marilyn. Honestly I have always been rooting for Ivy to be Marilyn, even as catty as she is, but Karen really did an amazing job in the role. Ivy just has more of the Marilyn look, especially since Karen is so thin and lanky. As much as I wanted Ivy to play the part, Karen made an excellent performance.

4. The Karen and Ivy Battle


The whole episode kept going back and forth- Will it be Karen? Or will it be Ivy? I really liked that part of it because you were never certain who would end up with the role. Ivy made one last move to make Karen break down, which she did, but that still didn’t get Ivy the role. I pretty much figured Karen would end up playing Marilyn by the end, but I enjoyed the whole ride there.

And Some Side Notes

-Derek really is obsessed with Karen, huh? He says to Ivy, “I see her in my head, she has something that you don’t.” Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.


– At first when I saw Ivy had the ring I thought she was just going to keep it to be spiteful, but she uses it to play games with Karen as her last shot to steal the role. It was pretty evil, but the girl is determined for sure.

Overall, I thought the finale was great and can’t wait for season 2. What did you think?

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