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It’s About the Paths You Take

quote superhero

I love this quote because it can apply to everyone in a different way.

We are all given a talent and a set of traits, but these characteristics alone do not define us, it’s how we use them that makes us who we are.

If you are excellent at public speaking it can be seen as a positive (or a super “power”) especially since that is a difficult skill for many people. But if you use this strength to do evil (Hitler comes to mind) your negative actions will outweigh the “super power” you have.

It can be viewed the opposite way as well. Everyone has a certain thing about themselves they do not like. It could be anything from a bad situation they are in to a negative personality trait, but how you use this situation/trait will determine the type of life you will live.

Learn a lesson, become a stronger person, and use what you have been blessed with to bless others.

(by the way- I drew the picture for this entry. I am not too good at drawing, but I tried. I had to look at something for inspiration as it would have come out much worse if I made it up haha. The girl looks sorta mermaid-ish with the star in her hair though.)


Think it and Make it Happen

what we think we become

This is a quote spoken by Buddha (and there have been many variations of it).
 If you tell yourself that something is too hard, you will begin to believe it and prevent yourself from fully applying yourself and giving all you can give. If instead you think positively, you will believe that you can achieve your goal which will give you the strength to fight the battle.

If you put garbage in, you will get garbage out. Feed your mind with things that will help you grow and motivate you to become a better person.  If you can conquer your thoughts you can conquer your battles.

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